Club Penguin updates

Hey Guys,

Club Penguin has updated heeps and im glad iot has there is and alltime new map which is more clearer and better wooot woot lol Go Check It out

-Lil Maney


Sports CatalogNew Cheats & Igloo Catalog Cheats & New Book Cheats

Hey everyone, there are alot of updates I’ll run you through them.

First stop the sports catalog cheats!

Click the Climbing Frame !


And you will get the Climbing Gear !


And to get the Silver Surfboard you must click the items in the following order: Surfboard Shell Star



The New Lilly Pin


 The New Pin Is In The Light House Beacon

Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #172 Secret’s

Hey there Penguin’s, newspaper is out, I will run you through it.

Firstly Club Penguin has reminded us of how fun the multiplayer games are so go out with a buddy and play !


Also the New Play at the stage is coming on the 13 Febuary it’s going to be the dodgeball tryouts play !


Now for the Secrets Revealed section we found out about the Boiler Room.


And finally These New Events !


Thats About it lol

until then you penguins waddle on lol

~Lil Maney Club Penguin Cheat President~

Pizza Parlor Game Cheat

Hey There Guys.

Ever Wanted pizzas that taste like chocalte and look nice well heres how to get the new icey yummy sugary chocaletey sweet pizzas

1. Click The Map

2. Go To The Plaza

3. Go Into The Pizza Parlor On The Right

5. Go Play Pizza Atron3000

Here look at the cheats:

1. Before you even start to play Pizzatron3000, switch the red lever on the Pizzatron3000 home page.


2. Order items left to right. Use this order icing, sprinkles, then toppings (click to enlarge):

3. Play the whole game. The farther that you get the higher score you will get. Try to keep a streak.

~Lil Maney

St. Patricks Day Sneak Peek

Hey There Penguins,

Tomorrow in the Book Room, there will be a brand new Paint By Letters book. Here’s a peek at “Lime Green Dojo Clean”:

paintbyletters.jpgIf you’ve never played before, it’s a game where you can fill in words as they appear in the story!!!!!!!!!

If you play, be sure to check out the pictures really carefully… You might find a few surprises.Post Me Any Time Id Love To Hear From You.

Pretty Cool Huh, St Patricks Day Is Pretty Fun Hope You Enjoy it….. I wonder why its Green lol.

~~Lil Maney Club Penguin Cheat President~~

The New Glitch

There is a glitch in this weeks newspaper where is it says the year is 2008 when its actually 2009!

Last weeks newspaper’s date was 2009 so it looks like the club
penguin team made a small error when they were creating this weeks issue.