Club Penguin’s Rockhopper Arrival Cheats And Glitches & New Pin & White Puffle Secret’s!!

Hey Guys Marshall6111 Posting,


The New Pin Is In The Ice Berg 😉

And Rockhopper Is Back But Late lol Well Heres Rockhoppers Free Item And A Glitch On His Ship

Migrator Glitch


Check out this little Migrator Glitch, an E will appear in the word Migrator on the back of the Ship every second.

And Rockhopper Has Arrived : ) FINNALY lol well he brought back a free  backround.



And finally there has been another White Puffle sighting !

On Rockhoppers bulletin board, the White Puffle is behind the bushes.


In a picture in Rockhoppers noticeboard I spotted a white puffle in the background!

And a white puffle appears in the puffle roundup game sometimes and oh yeh speaking of the white puffle  You can no longer find the White Puffle in the Dojo Courtyard. You must find it in the Puffle Game (up in several levels).

The previous Rockhopper Tracker is currently being fixed, so refer to this post as a guidance for your Rockhopper Tracking!


These are a few pictures which were taken at Server Snow Bank , February 28th, 6.30 Penguin Standard Time!

This picture was taken in the town.


We then had a race to the Cove!



Take a look at Rockhopper’s Player Card! Yarr is in ita now! ( Click on the box for Rockhopper’s autographed background when you meet him AND THE YARR LOST MYSTERY IS SOLVED).


Speaking Of Rockhopper, Since Its Kinda Hard For You To Find Him Well i Me And Lil Maney  AND THE CREW made it easier hoW? i got a chat group me and Lil Maney Thought it would be easier For All You Penguins Chat and Spilt Up through the chat and find Rockhopper easier.

Have Fun


Some Time While Rockhopper Is Around Cp I can sometimes Go on the Chat and so will Lil Maney sometimes And aswell as the Crew  to help you Find Rockhopper .


Thats all to it 🙂


PSA Mission 1 Cheats Guide

Hey There Penguins,

Club Penguin Agent

Follow these step by step instructions to solve this Club Penguin mission:

1. Speak to Aunt Arctic, tell her you’ll find the Puffles.
2. Go to the Ice Rink, on the right you’ll find photo’s. Pick them up.
3. Give them to Aunt Arctic.
4. Go to the Pet Shop and to the left you’ll find a note on the Puffle Houses. Use the “CODE” on the bottom-right of the screen to decode the second line. It’s the number you need to give G. (Tip: It’s easier if you write it down on paper rather than try to remember it)
5. Go to the Sport’s Shop and give G the number you decoded. He will give you access to his special items. Take the Preserver Launcher and go to the Iceberg.
6. On the Iceberg, use the Preserver Launcher to save the Puffles that are stranded on another iceberg. Careful of the wind making it more difficult.
7. Go to the Mountain and speak to the crying Penguin.
8. Open your spy phone and click on the red light. Use your spanner to fix the crying Penguin’s telescope. Look through it and look left. You’ll see a green puffle flying around the top of the tallest mountain.
9. Go back to G and get the grappling hook. Then go to the tallest mountain and use the grappling hook to climb to the top.
10. You’ll find the penguins. Return to Aunt Arctic and redeem your medal and a letter from Aunt Arctic thanking you for finding her Puffles.

-Lil Maney

White Puffle In Club Penguin Cheat and New Puffle Video!

Hey There Penguins,

The Club Penguin Team has released its latest video on its community blog! This video features all the puffles on Club Penguin. I found something interesting in the video, and I thought I would like to show you.

If you watch this video very closely and carefully, you will come across the white puffle running in the middle of all the other puffles! This picture which I managed to take after pausing the video over and over again, shows the white puffle! Drag the time bar to the portion of the time line as shown below:


I Had Also Thoght That They Had tricked us into thinking it a pink puffle lol cause they do look simmiler.

anyway This is Awesome! This is the third piece of evidence to prove that White Puffles might be returning to Club Penguin! I just cant wait for them to be available to the Penguins!! :D

what do you think about it comment any time freely, Lil Maney And the Team is interseted to hear from you.

~Lil Maney Club Penguin Cheat President~

White Club Penguin Puffles and more secrtes and cheats

Well, it’s true! The Club Penguin Times newspaper said that white puffles will be spotted on Club Penguin every 30 minutes or so. I found the white puffle at the dojo court yard  :

white-puffle « Club Penguin Cheats
1. It always appears in the bush shown in the picture.

2. It ruffles some leaves in the air just before it appears.

3. It appears around every 5 minutes for about 2-3 seconds.

and he is also found at the ski hill

and where all wondering where Rockhopper is and why he is late well i got u some secrets :

Is Rockhopper coming!?  Check out this mystery In the new newspaper there is a fortune cooke that says, “Keep an eye out for pirates!” from sensie.

i had first assumed that Rockhopper will be coming through the migrator and he was a little bit lost and then he found his way but he was still a bit late then the news paper tells more.

So, here are a few of Lil Maney;s Team theories. Rockhopper is lost on a strange island but will make it to Club Penguin on Feb. 27th… with a new species of puffle he found on the island! Or, maybe the “pirates” Sensei is warning us about are different pirates coming on to club penguin, or maybe his just coming lol, but its strange huh.

~Lil Maney Club Penguin Cheat President~

Club Penguin February 2009 Puffle Party and Furniture Catalog and New Free Item Cheats

Hey There Penguins,

here is the new free item well actually old lol but brought back well its a cool bandanna and it will be found at the cove, it was supposed to be brought by Rockhopper Through his ship The Migrator.



Oh yeh Guess whos late but coming to celebrate with us 😉

and if you go to the light house and stand where it stand Here he, a yellow puffle will paint you pretty cool huh?

and i also got you the Furniture Catalog  cheats and secrets :

Click the Pinata for the secret aquarium item

Click the right now tower for the green birdhouse.

Click the velvet rope for the welcome mat.

Enjoy the party the puffle party with ur puffles 😉

~Lil Maney Club Penguin Cheat President~

Puffle Secrets Hints Cheats Sneek Peek Pics and Tips

So Club Penguin put out some helpful hints about getting your Puffle to get all cool, yooo lol.

Puffle Hints and other smoovey Puffle stuff.

Your Puffle’s health will GO DOWN WHEN IT’S HEALTH IS FULL if you do these things.

1. Don’t make your Puffle eat any Puffle O’s when it’s full. If you do, he eat too much and nearly explode and get sick joking lol.

2. Don’t make your Puffle sleep when it’s full. If you do, he’ll have nightmares about LARGE BOXES OF PUFFLE OZ CHASING THEM AROUND CLUB PENGUIN Lol jk

You can get your Puffle’s health to GO UP IF IT NEEDS MORE HEALTH if you do these things.

1. Play with your Puffle. When you do, your Puffle builds up super muscle power and can lift the whole Iceberg with one hand. (JK) 😉
2. Feed your puffle. Puffle O’s are fulled with caffeine and Apple Sauce! (JK on the caffeine) 😉
3. Make your Puffle sleep. He needs a happy Nappy

Remember the Puffle Par-tay starts Friday! And yeah, pretty obvious what the colored boxes are for. There will probably be different areas for different colored Puffles AND i got you another thingy majigy lol

well  It sounds like we and our puffles are going to have a great time at the first ever Puffle Party that starts this Friday.

If you’ve been busy putting puffle furniture into your igloos, be sure to check out the new Better Igloos catalog that’ll be available on Friday!

Here is a sneak peek :


pretty cool huh,

What sweet things has your Puffle done on furniture? And what is your Puffle’s name?

feel free to comment me anytime

and oh yeh ive had 450,567 hits and i bet you know when next party is 😉

~Lil Maney Club Penguin Cheat President~

Lil Maneys 1st Quik Party

Well most of you would know that i would inform you that i am having a party but with Lil Maneys quik parties i do not inform you well here are some Pics well IT ROCKED:




Some lucky Penguins got on my buddy list well only 2 of them.

where you there? did you like?

feel free to comment anytime

Lil Maney Club Penguin Cheat President