Wig Challenge & Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #185!!!

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Club Penguin posted the winners of the “Wig Challenge”, there were so many awesome groups of people gathered together to try and win, sadly no one us won, oh well theres always next time, well atually, maybe you did win! Comment if you were in the winning picture:


Club Penguin will be doing more of these mini challenges! Don’t forget that the new Penguin Style will be out on Friday and some amazing costumes will be available to get you ready for the olde knightly adventures and ill keep you updated

And Here Is The Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #185:

he new issue if the newspaper has come out, let’s see what it has in store for us!

Firstly, don’t forget that the Medieval Party starts on the 8th of May there will also be an awesome members quest.


Also starting from the 1st of May all tour guides and secret agents will receive their 1st paychecks so don’t forget to save up to purchase items from the catalog.


Also on the same day as the Medieval Party starts there will be a New Play ( never before seen ) at the stage.

I think it might be something to do with knights. What about you ?


In the Secrets Revealed section we found out more about Aqua Grabber cheats.


And finally the Events Lets Take A Look At It


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New Club Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek!

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On Friday, Club Penguin will release a new Penguin Style catalog! There will be loads of wigs in the catalog. Check out this sneak peek of the new Penguin Style catalog:

Club Penguin will be hosting a challenge! All you have to do is have wig parties on Club Penguin! They will take pictures of a party, and post it on the Club Penguin blog.


Club Penguin Cheats: New Unlimited Coins Cheat

Hey There Penguins,

I’ve found this Club Penguin cheat that gets you as many coins as you want! Here’s how to do the cheat:

Your penguin Could maybe get banned by doing this Club Penguin cheat, so be careful. If you do get banned, it will be 24 hours in my opinion you wont get get bannd, i mean i didn’t get banned

Let me know what you think of the new Club Penguin cheat! (i made this video)

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Team Cheats President

Rockhopper At Disney Land (world) Update!

Hey There Penguins,

I’ve already told you about Rockhopper coming to Walt Disney World in Florida, but now, Club Penguin says Rockhopper will be visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios too!


Will Rockhopper be talking like a pirate? Or just be waving and hugging people? If you get a chance to go there, be sure to take somes pics and tell us all about it!

Comment On What You Think 😉

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Team Cheats President

New Club Penguin Sled Racing Improvments – Toboggans

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Hello Penguins,

 Club Penguins oldest game and its newest game Dance Contest were both updated today!At the Ski Hill the new toboggan is available.

You can now purchase Toboggans at the Ski Hill and take them with you when you sled race.

Here’s how the catalog looks like, the Toboggan costs 300 coins:



But to use it during a sled race you must enter the race while wearing it ( it is a hand item ) here is it how looks on my Playercard:


And finally here’s how it looks like when you use it to sled race.


There are also some new dance songs at the Dance Contest game to choose from.

1. Patrick’s Jig
2. Go West
3. Let’s Bounce

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The New Tree Pin!!

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The New Pin Is Located At The Dojo Couryard


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Medieval Party Updates

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Hello Penguins!

Where do knights go to get something to eat?
To an “all knight” diner!

The Medievial Party is Coming up May 8th So Penguins I Got an Exclusive Sneek Peek Picture:

MedievalPartySketch.jpgI think that this picture is the town or plaza hmm???

I’ve heard tales of a dragon in the Mine… and that the Coffee Shop and Pizza Parlor will be fit for royalty (and jesters, too)! For members, there will be a Knight’s Quest that we hope you’ll think is really fun.

The Medieval Party will go from May 8 – 17th, so get ready to costume up and use your imagination all over the island!

Also Club Penguin has a New Starter For The Medivial Party


There is also a new comic that has been released!

Club Penguin Comics Click To [enlarge]

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