New Club Penguin Great Snow Maze Cheats 2009!

Hey There Penguins,

Club Penguin released a new party with a maze! It’s got tons of fun stuff to do! And awesome item’s to pick up too!

But still non-member’s can go pic up a new item at the ski hill:

Now for the snow maze cheats! If you wanna cheat click the map with a red button at the ski village!:

By keeping this open through out the maze it will help you get the prize at the end!

For Now Here are the Cheat directions for the Great Snow Maze To Complete:

1. left
2. first straight
3. straight
4. sraight
5. straight
6. left
7. left
8. right
9. straight
10. right
11. left

Then Finnaly You go up!

There are so many direction’s to getting to this place. But trust me it’s really fun

One your done and made it to the end. At the end to cross over into the center path.

Now once your in! Here is how the end of the maze, It’s called the “Yeti Cave”:

Inside the “Yeti Cave” is the prize, you can pick it up! It is located near the center of the room! It’s called the “Yeti Costume”:

Awesomeness! I Love mazez, espicially this one ;-]! I just love the music too. Espcially in the “Yeti Cave” what do you think of this party?

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President


2 Responses

  1. Thanks Maney xD I got lost and ended up going back to starting line LOL

  2. cool u rock lil

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