Lil Maney Going On “Vactation”!

Hey There Penguins,

I’m sorry, i wont be able to check the computer alot, and update cheats and much more, I’m going overseas with my family, for Christmas holidays =(, I will be back in a month, Then everything will be back to normal, Sorry for the inconvience, Oreo Summit and some of my other authors will still update the blog with cheats and much more so keep checking back, because i will still be checking the blog at time’s and update a few, i will defintly update the Christmas party cheats though. I might be able to still post depending on what’s happening down there. I will also be giving some pictures to you when i come back. I will miss you all very much, and im sorry but i have to go (for a month).

Also soon we are going to have the blog self hosted, which means we can choose out own theme, and do much more.

Note To My Author’s and Admin’s, please dont ads your blog. Because by doing this, your just using ClubPenguinHood for ads. If your blog is your aim, then work on it, i wish you luck, but all i need is cheats to provide all other penguins across the universe.

I will wish you a Merry Christmas. Cya in a month’s of time. Also im still going to be checking the blog sometimes. And maybe will be able to update cheats if i can get the internet set up =].

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President


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