How To Become A Tour Guide

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Tour Help!

Here is a guide on how to become a Tour Guide on Club Penguin :


To become a tour guide your penguin must be at least 45 days old you must have not been banned in the last 30 days.
Firstly, you have to click on the Blue Map on the Lower Left Corner of your screen and then go to “Ski Village”.
After that click on the Tour Guide Booth and the phrase “Would you Like to become a Tour Guide yourself? Click here for more Details!” at the bottom of the “Take a Tour” menu.
Finally, click “Take the Quiz” on the Blue Pop-up.

The Quiz is a series of Questions which are used to determine if you would be a good Tour Guide. The Quiz asks you 8 Questions. To pass the Quiz and receive a Tour Guide Hat you Must get Atleast 7 out of 8 Questions Correct. Club Penguin Changes up the Questions on the Quiz. There are 15 possible Questions that can be asked on the Quiz. The Possible Questions and Answers for the Quiz are:

Q. How does the Pink Puffle Play?
A. Skips with a Skipping Rope.

Q. In What room do you find old copies of the Penguin Times?
A. Boiler Room.

Q. Which of these rooms does not have Music playing in the Background?
A. Pet Shop.

Q. What is the name of Captain Rockhopper’s Ship?
A. The Migrator.

Q. How many Sled Racing Tracks are there?
A. 4

Q. Which room has a Cuckoo Clock?
A. Ski Lodge

Q. How do you get a pin?
A. Click on it.

Q. What color of Puffle can catch on fire?
A. Black.

Q. What day does the Newspaper come out?
A. Thursday.

Q. How many coins does it cost to buy a Player Background?
A. 60.

Q. What is the name of the big fish in Ice Fishing?
A. Mullet.

Q.What item is always hidden in a different place in the Clothing Catalog every month.
A. The Viking Helmet.

Q. Which of these games has a Shark in it?
A. Jetpack Adventure.

Q. What item is thrown out of the truck in level 4 of Bean Counters?
A. A Flower Pot.

Q. Which of these rooms does NOT have a game in it?
A. Beach.

Once you have answered at least 7 out of 8 Questions from the Tour Guide Quiz correctly you will be able to receive a Tour Guide Hat. Click “Receive the Tour Guide Hat.”

Here is what the Tour Guide Hat looks like:

You will also receive the “How to Be a Great Tour Guide” Manual. It teaches you how to be a great tour guide and all of the information you need to know about being a Tour Guide. Check out the Cover of the “How to Be a Great Tour Guide” Manual:

Note: To Hold up a Tour Guide Sign wear only the Tour Guide Hat and Press the Wave Icon.

Tour Help

Now that you know all about Tour Guides, have some fun and give some tours!

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President


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