Card Jitsu Fire Complete Volcano Photo Leaked!

Hey Guys! Oreo Summit Posting!

We Now have a Card-Jitsu Volcano Photo of the Volcano when it is Completed! It will be here on November 24th, 2009! :D Here is it! Hope you enjoy!

What do you think of the Design? Comment Here! There Will be a Membership Contest at Soon, on December 1st! The contest will be for a 6 month Membership!

~Oreo Summit, Club Penguin Hood Vice President


Penguin Times #191

The Adventure Party June 12-18.

The Adventure Party has been announced and Gary may be there!
ad 2

Latest new fashions at the Gift Shop!
ad 3

101 Days of Fun has been updated!
ad 4

A check list here’s what you need to find at the Adventure Party:
ad 5

Also there is a new word search here is the words you new to find:
ad 6

And the review at the end:
ad 7

The new is really good this week!

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Check back here for Lil Maney’s Club Penguin Adventure Party cheats!

You Decide a Pin

Hey Mina716 Posting,

Billybob Has Posted You To Decide The New Pin For Tomorrow And he has showen us The Choises On Which They Will Be Will it be Pin A ? Pin B Or Pin C?

Which will it be?

Pin A:
pin 1

Pin B:
pin 2

Pin C:
pin 3

Stay Tuned For Resuls!

Mina716 What Pin You Want1

Stay Tuned For Lil Maney’s Adventure Party Cheats Tommorow 😀


More Salad At The Town

Hey Guys Matt26187 Here :D,

Hello Penguins,

More Salad has grown there has been salad at the town here is a picture I took

Plants on cp123

Ohhhh… I get it the Safari hat pin for the adventure party and look at all the Salad all over the island

Be sure to check back soon So Stay Tuned For Lil Maney’s Adventure Party Cheats Soon

Thats All For Now

Waddle On


Club Penguin Rockhopper Forgetful Rockhopper The Migrator Leaves Without Its Overgrown Plants [ALERT!]

Hey Mina716 Posting,

In case you didn’t know, Rockhopper has left Club Penguin on his ship, the Migrator. You can see him in the Telescope.


Rockhopper Left Club Penguin1

Rockhopper may have left, but this time he forgot something! His overgrown plants are still here and are spreading throughout Club Penguin! His plants are growing at the Beach.


MORE!!!! Salad or Plants or whatever??? on Club Penguin!

Hey Matt26187 Posting :D,

Hello Penguins,

Go To the beach

Step1. Go To your map on the lower left coner

Step2. Go to the beach

Rockhoppers Plants Grow!!1

I Have Posted This A Few Days Ago But The Plants Were Shorter

Also Could This New Starter Have Something To Do With Rockhopper’s weird Plants Growing thingy

new club penguin starter1

Also I Made This Poll For You To Decide What The Plants Growing Thingy For Please Vote On It

Comment and tell me what you think???

Thats All For Now

Waddle On


New Igloo Music

Hey Matt26187 Posting :D,

Hello Penguins,

There is new Igloo Music but you have to be a member

Go to your Igloo

New Music1

Click Edit Igloo

Then This will come up and Click the tape

Cd1 Igloo1

And here is the selection bar of the new igloo music

New Igloo Music1975

And Select the music you want

Thats All For Now

Waddle On