Card Jitsu Fire: Sensei Comments on Your Penguin’s Outfit?

Hey Guys! Oreo Summit Posting!

Recently I found out the Sensei will comment on what you are wearing! I was on Club Penguin with an Anniversary Party hat on and Sensei commented! Here is what he said!

Apparently, Sensei Likes Pointy Hats! Next time you talk to the Sensei, Wear an Anniversary Hat! He Will Comment on it!

I don’t usually wear my Anniversary Hat So I didn’t figure out about this until after my Friend Ninjaneal told me what Sensei Said to him. Since he is a Beta Tester, the Sensei said something different. This is what he said!

Isn’t that Awesome? Try it! Get on Club Penguin and Wear an Anniversary Hat! Comment here if the Sensei says the same thing, or says something different! Look at the Picture Closely… So What the Sensei Said? He said, “Ahh, The Beta Hat. The most Ancient of all hats. I RARELY WEAR MINE. “ Isn’t that awesome? What do you think of this? Comment Here! I think this is So Awesome! Thanks Ninjaneal for giving me this Awesome Pic!

~Oreo Summit, Club Penguin Hood Cheats Vice President.


Release of the New Game, Card-Jitsu Fire Arrival Cheats!

Hey Guys! Oreo Summit Posting!

Card Jitsu Fire has Arrived today and it is awesome! Some People Really dont like it! I think its awesome.

Here is what it is like!

The Sensei will talk to you about Card Jitsu Fire as an Introduction like the beginning of Card Jitsu!

Then, the Sensei will give you your Very Own Starter Deck!

Then, you will be able to Play Card Jitsu Fire!

Once you Learn how to Play Card Jitsu Fire, you can play with up to 4 People!

If you win, a message will pop up! If you lose, a different message will come up!

However, if you get down to 0, you automatically lose the game!

I will have a Card Jitsu Fire Guide Coming soon! It will be a page, and when its done, I’ll make a post for it!

~Oreo Summit, Club Penguin Hood Cheats Vice President

New Better Igloos & New Igloo Upgrades Catalog and New Hot Chocolate Pin Cheats!

Hey Guys! Oreo Summit Posting!

The New Cheats Were Delayed on Club Penguin so We Were not able to Update Until Now! We are one of the first cheats sites to post it!

First is The New Better Igloo Catalog!

On the First Page there is

  1. Coat Rack- Click The Seat of the Modern Chair.

2. Shoe Rack- Click the Wood in the Fish Tank

3. Wood Stove- Click the Right, Front Leg of the Table

Page 2:

1. Fireplace- Click the Example Snow Tower

2. Icicles- Middle Point on the Snow Fortress.

Next, is the New Pin. It is Located at the Coffee Shop

This is what it will look like on your Playercard!

Now for the New Igloo Upgrades Catalog!

There is a new Igloo in there today for winter!

and there are a few igloos returning and they are:

  • The Gingerbread House
  • The Snow globe

There will be More cheats Coming Very Soon!

~Oreo Summit, Club Penguin Hood Cheats Vice President

Card Jitsu Fire Complete Volcano Photo Leaked!

Hey Guys! Oreo Summit Posting!

We Now have a Card-Jitsu Volcano Photo of the Volcano when it is Completed! It will be here on November 24th, 2009! :D Here is it! Hope you enjoy!

What do you think of the Design? Comment Here! There Will be a Membership Contest at Soon, on December 1st! The contest will be for a 6 month Membership!

~Oreo Summit, Club Penguin Hood Vice President