Lil Maney’s Update [MUST READ]

Hey Guys,

It’s Lil Maney I haven’t posted here in ages, was taken away to another host company and sold to some random person. I don’t know what I can do to this blog, but we have successfully reached over 1 million hits + I still update my youtube channel please try your best , for some awesome give a way’s. I have no idea what to do with this blog.. Follow me on

Scrolling through all the posts and pages I’ve made sure does give so many good memories.

-Lil Maney



Sled Racing Upgrade Released Early

Hey Guys! Oreo Summit Posting!

I logged on Club Penguin Today and Noticed a Weird item on Club Penguin. Then I clicked the item and noticed it was a sled! If you noticed, it was supposed to be released tomorrow!

To get the sleds, you must go to the Ski Hill and Buy it!

There are 2 sleds. The Green and the Pink Sled! You can Also Race them down the Ski Hill!

Its Awesome! It’s a Pretty Cool Upgrade, and going down the hill in it is so Cool!

This is What It Looks Like on your Playercard

I can’t wait for the New Snow & Sports! Can you? Leave a Comment! More Cheats Coming Soon!

~Oreo Summit, Club Penguin Hood Cheats Vice President

Club Penguin Card Jitsu Fire Guide, How To Become A Fire Ninja!

Hey There Penguins,

Recently Club Penguin released a new game known as “Card Jitsu Fire”, it has alot of cheats to it and i’ve currently made a page and how to become a fire ninja Club Penguin Card Jitsu Fire Cheats & How To Become A Fire Ninja!

Lot’s of you have been asking me how to become a fire ninja and how to play it! Click Here To Become A Fire A Ninja! I hope this guide will help you in your fire ninja journey 😉

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President

New Author!

Hey Guys! My name is Oreo Summit and I’m the new author here at! Yeah, I said! You can meet me on and possibly in a few weeks I just might have a beta tester contest right here, AT WWW.CLUBPENGUINHOOD.COM!!! Hope we have fun! See ya round!

~Oreo Summit~

Penguin Times #200 WOO HOO!


Lets get started with todays news.

Club Penguin’s Festival of Flight starts August 14 and ends August 18. I see something weird with this picture below.

news paper

CONGRADS CLUB PENGUIN you’ve made 200 Penguin Times that’s a lot!

news paper 2

Who’s ready for the new play!? I know I am I can’t wait for the Underwater Adventure!

news paper 3

And the review at the end where you get all the info you need.

news paper 4

New Party Sneek Peek!

Hey guys Moon posting,

Club Penguin relsesed a cool sneek peek of the new party. It’s looks like some type of boat take a look below.


I think the party may be the Water Party or Summer Party. Witch one do you think it is comment on this post and tell me.

Moon Man Two’s Back to School Party!

Hey guys,

I thought I would have a party for going back to school even though we hate it.

The banner below has all the info you need.

School party banner

If you can’t read what is says witch most of you can it’s below.

Moon Man Two’s Back to School Party!

Server: Sleet

Room: Book Room

Date: August 15, 2009

Time: 12:30 PM PST

Tell your friends and family members to come!

Have a great school year learn lots!


Hope you guys can come because I’m having a contest to see who has the most schoolish outfit!

So I hope you guys can come cuz it’s going to rock!