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Club Penguin Cheats

Hey There Penguins,

Here is a list of cheats that I have tried and tested. With the club penguin improvement project update, some of my old cheats had to be removed. Everyone of these cheats are tested and proven to work. Please comment if you have a new cheat not listed.

Club Penguin Chat Bubble Cheat:

1. Log onto any room in Club Penguin.
2. Type any 7-10 letter word in the chat bar. After you type each word, instead of one space, have 3 spaces. here’s what this should look like.
3. Enter the chat bubble.

Here is what this looks like:

Club Penguin Cheats 1

Talk with the Newspaper:

1. Go to the very right, or left of any room.
2. Open up your newspaper, and select the “we need you” button in the top left corner.
3. Select the question box on the submit your content page.
4. Press send when it asks to submit (nothing needs to be written).
5. Go to the main page of the newspaper.
6. Press the Tab button on your keyboard. Type anything in.

Club Penguin Cheats 2

Walk on Pathways:

1. Click on the pathway.
2. While walking, click on the Penguin Mail envelope.
3. View the Penguin Mail envelope until you have finished walking.
4. Exit the Penguin Mail envelope when finished walking.

Here is what this will look like.

Club Penguin Cheats 3

Get into Command Room free secret:

1. Have a friend earn coins on Elite Penguin Force.
2. Upload some to your account on Club Penguin.
3. Go to the HQ.
4. Click on the closet.

Here is what this will look like.


Walk under the chat bar:

1. Go to the Dojo.
2. Click on the very bottom right corner near the map.
3. Click on the bottom right corner.

Here is what this will look like.

Club Penguin Cheats 4

Full Server Cheat:

1. Log into club penguin.
2. Go to the page with all of the servers.
3. Attempt to go to a full server.
4. Leave open the “Sorry this server is full. Please select another server” message.
5. Press Tab on your keyboard until a yellow box like this appears.

6. Click enter on your keyboard. You will be logged into club penguin.

Walk Away from Find Four:

1. Go to the Ski Lodge.
2. Click yes to play find four.
3. Quickly click on the bottom of the Ski Lodge door.

Here is what this will look like.

Club Penguin Cheats 5

Walk away from Find Four and Mancala:

1. Go play Mancala or Find Four.
2. Open up Penguin Mail.
3. Close Penguin Mail.
4. Click anywhere in the room.

Here is what this will look like.

Club Penguin Cheats 6

Map Labels Cheat:

1. Open your map.
2. Click and hold on any place of the map.
3. Drag your mouse to the X button on the map and exit out.

Here is what this will look like.

Club Penguin Cheats 7

Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet:

1. Go to the upstairs of the Coffee Shop.
2. Open the book “Rockhopper and the Stowaway.”
3. Flip to the last page.
4. Click on the rainbow Friendship Bracelet.

Here is what Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet looks like.

Rockhopper’s Key:

1. Go to the upstairs of the coffee shop.
2. Open the book called “The Journal of Captain Rockhopper.”
3. Flip to the last page.
4. Click on Rockhopper’s Key.

Here is what Rockhopper’s Key looks like.

Have all newspapers stand up:

1. Go to the boiler room.
2. Open the file cabinet with the newspapers.
3. Click and hold on the newspapers from back to front.
4. Drag your mouse to the right of the newspapers.

Here is what this will look like.


Find Fred the Cuckoo Clock:

1. Go to the ski village.
2. Click on the ski lodge.
3. Wait until it is 30 minutes past any hour.

Here is what Fred looks like:


Low Definition on Club Penguin:

1. Go anywhere on the map.
2. Press the + or – button on your keyboard.

Here is what this will look like.

Club Penguin Cheats 8

Throw Snowballs Very Fast:

1. Go to any place on the Map.
2. Repeatedly press T on your keyboard.
3. Keep pressing. You will be throwing snowballs really fast.

Here is what this will look like.

Club Penguin Cheats 9

Dance With a Purple Puffle:

1. Walk with a purple puffle.
2. Play Dance Contest at the Night Club.

Here is what this will look like.


Surf With a Red Puffle:

1. Walk with your red puffle.
2. Play Catchin’ Waves at the Cove.

Here is what this will look like.

Swim with your pink puffle:

1. Walk with your pink puffle.
2. Play Aqua Grabber at the Iceberg.

Here is what this will look like.

Rockhopper Arrival Time:

1. Go to the Beacon.
2. Look into the Telescope.
3. The closer the Migrator is, the closer Rockhopper is to arriving.
4. He will only arrive on Friday’s.

Here is what this will look like.

Speed Boat at the Telescope:

1. Go to the Cove.
2. Look into the Binoculars.
3. Wait 10 seconds for a speed boat.

Here is what this will look like.

Find Ninja Shadows:

1. Go to the Lighthouse.
2. Go near the nets.
3. Zoom in if you can’t see.

Here’s what this will look like.


Find Other Ninja Shadows:

1. Go to the Ski Lodge.
2. Look at the mirror.
3. Zoom in if you need to.

Here is what this will look like.


See if Rockhopper is coming:

1. Go to the Lighthouse Beacon.
2. View the telescope.


Find secret items in catalogs:

1. Go to a place with a catalog.
2. Open the catalog.
3. Move your mouse until the hand mouse appears.

Here is what this will look like.


Read old newspapers:

1. Go to the boiler room.
2. Click on either the cabinet or icon in the bottom left corner.
3. Read any of the last six newspapers.

Here is what this will look like.


Go to the secret ninja hideout:

1. Go to the Dojo Courtyard.
2. Click on the door on the left. You must be a black belt.

Here is what this will look like.


Build Cool Igloos:

1. Don’t over use items.
2. Match each side of the igloo.
3. Use the tips in the image below.


Read old newspapers:

1. Go to the Boiler Room.
2. Click on the cabinet.
3. Read old newspapers.

Here is what this will look like.


Secret Places on Club Penguin:

Find the Dojo, Mine, and the Ice Berg on the map.

Go to the Boiler Room, through the speaker in the Night Club.

Club Penguin Cheats 10

Hidden Spyphone message:

1. Open up your spyphone.
2. Look at the red light.
3. It will flash SOS in Morse code.

Here is what this will look like.


The F.I.S.H. Catalog:

1. Go to the HQ.
2. Click on the lower catalog icon.

Here is what this will look like.


The F.I.S.H. Catalog Cheats:

1. Go to the HQ.
2. Open up the F.I.S.H.
3. Click on the sunglasses.

Here is what this will look like.


Perfect Puffle Stats:

1. Bathe your puffle.
2. Feed it before the bath is over.

Here is what this will look like.


Hidden Emotions:

ET shows a music note and makes a noise.
EI shows an igloo.
EP shows a blue puffle.
ES shows a skull.
ED shows a sun.
EF shows a flower.
EG shows a game controller.
EH shows a red heart.
EL shows a four leaf clover.
EZ shows a slice of pizza.
EC shows a cup of coffee.
EN shows the moon and stars.
EM shows a coin.
E1 shows a laughing face.
E2 shows a smiley face.
E3 shows a straight face.
E4 shows a frowning face.
E5 shows a surprised face.
E6 shows a face sticking out their tongue.
E7 shows a winking face.
E8 shows a green icky face.
E9 shows a red angry face.
E0 shows an unhappy face.
! shows a large !
? shows a large ?
EQ shows a Strawberry Ice Cream Cone.
EW shows a Chocolate Ice Cream Cone.

Here is a picture of some of the hidden emotions.

Special Dances:

Swim – Wear only the arm floats or duck floats and dance.
Hula Dance – Wear only the Hawaiian lei and dance (Works with Hawaiian lei and grass skirt too).
Throw Pizza – Wear only the chef hat and dance (Works with Chef Hat and Pizza Apron too).
Whistle – Wear only the life guards whistle and wave.
Pour Coffee – Wear only the coffee apron and dance.
Juggle – Wear only the clown wig and dance (Works with clown wig, clown suit, and clown shoes too).
Jackhammer – Wear only the mining helmet and dance (Works with other construction items too).
Ice Cream – Wear the ice cream apron and dance (Works with ice cream apron and newspaper hat).
Fly – Wear only the propeller cap and dance.
Shake Maracas – Wear only the maracas and dance.
Wave red cloth – Wear only the matador outfit and dance.
Play Tuba – Wear only the tuba and dance (Works with tuba and marching band hat too).
Play Drum – Wear only the drum sticks and dance (Works with drums, and marching band hat too).
Play guitar – Wear only any guitar and dance (Works with any guitar, and marching band hat too.).
Violin – Wear only the violin and dance (Works with violin, and marching band hat too).
Tours here Sign – Wear only the tour guide hat and wave.
Go red or Go blue sign – Wear only the red or blue face paint and wave.
Play ping pong – Wear only the ping pong paddle and wave.
Ring Bell – Wear only the charity bell and wave.
Swing Lasso – Wear only the lasso and wave.
Referee – Wear the referee jersey and wave.
Photograph – Wear the camera and wave.
Superhero – Wear the blue or pink superhero mask, and blue or pink superhero shirt.

Club Penguin Commands:

D – Dance
W – Wave (or wear a whistle)
S – Sit
T – Throw a snowball
J – Tell a joke
Y – Say yes
O – Say ok
H – Say hello
B – Say good-bye
N – Say no

Puffle Special Tricks:

Green puffle – Uses propeller cap.
Red puffle – Knocks down bowling pins.
Purple puffle – Blows bubbles through a wand.
Yellow puffle – Paints a picture.
Blue puffle – Bounces ball on its head.
Black puffle – Catches fire and fly around the room.
Pink puffle – Uses the trampoline.

Club Penguin Cheats By, Lil Maney.

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President

Comments Closed.


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