Club Penguin Times Issue #215

Hey Guys! Oreo Summit Posting!

Club Penguin Times Issue #215 has Been Released! I can’t wait for the Awesome Upcoming events!

This Friday, Club Penguin will be Celebrating, “Chill at the Ski Village!” It Will be events like new fashions, New Cool Weather, Skates, & Sleds! There will also be some awesome mazes and Epic Snowball Fights! Rumors of the Mazes are that there will be an Awesome Prize at the end! Club Penguin Also Mentioned Rory! Those who don’t know Rory, he is a construction worker for Club Penguin! He hasn’t been around since the stage was being built! Could this be a sign of his return? What do you think? Leave a Comment! The Celebrations are from November 27- November 30! Hope to See you there!

This is All the Information you need to know About the Upcoming Festivities at the Ski Village!

One of the Best Things about December is Coins For Change! Coins For Change is a Club Penguin Charity Where Penguins Donate their Coins to Important Causes! About Coins For Change:

The Coins for Change campaign in December 2007 empowered the children who play Club Penguin to help effect real change in the world. More than 2.5 million children donated in excess of 2 billion virtual coins they earned playing games on Club Penguin to support the environment, children’s health or children in developing countries. Through their virtual donations, the kids helped New Horizon Foundation, an organization started by the founders of Club Penguin, determine how much of a $1 million cash donation went to three charities chosen to represent those areas.

More than 110 million children around the world are denied the basic right of a primary education. In an effort to help ensure access to education and a better future for children and families, New Horizon Foundation sponsors Adopt a Village projects. Through Adopt a Village, New Horizon Foundation is helping build and equip schools, implement sustainable, clean water projects, provide health care and develop alternative income programs in countries such as Kenya, Ecuador and China.

In 2007 & 2008 I Donated all of My Hard Earned Coins to Coins For Change. I did not use a money maker, I earned it. I plan to do the same this year because it goes to a good Cause. Click Here for More Information, and a Video on Coins For Change.
Coins for Change 2007 Video

Coins for Change 2008 Video

Upcoming Events:

1. New Snow & Sports Catalog- Friday, November 27

2. Ski Village Festivities- Friday, November 27- November 30

3. New Penguin Style- Friday, December 4

4. New Pin- Friday, December 4

5. New Penguin Mail- Friday, December 11

6. Quest for the Golden Puffle- Coming Soon

How Many Coins Are you Donating for Coins For Change? Comment Here! I will Probably Donate about 10,000!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Oreo Summit Team, Oreo Summit & Evac789!

~Oreo Summit, Club Penguin Hood Cheats Vice President


Club Penguin Card Jitsu Fire Guide, How To Become A Fire Ninja!

Hey There Penguins,

Recently Club Penguin released a new game known as “Card Jitsu Fire”, it has alot of cheats to it and i’ve currently made a page and how to become a fire ninja Club Penguin Card Jitsu Fire Cheats & How To Become A Fire Ninja!

Lot’s of you have been asking me how to become a fire ninja and how to play it! Click Here To Become A Fire A Ninja! I hope this guide will help you in your fire ninja journey 😉

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President

Card Jitsu Fire: Sensei Comments on Your Penguin’s Outfit?

Hey Guys! Oreo Summit Posting!

Recently I found out the Sensei will comment on what you are wearing! I was on Club Penguin with an Anniversary Party hat on and Sensei commented! Here is what he said!

Apparently, Sensei Likes Pointy Hats! Next time you talk to the Sensei, Wear an Anniversary Hat! He Will Comment on it!

I don’t usually wear my Anniversary Hat So I didn’t figure out about this until after my Friend Ninjaneal told me what Sensei Said to him. Since he is a Beta Tester, the Sensei said something different. This is what he said!

Isn’t that Awesome? Try it! Get on Club Penguin and Wear an Anniversary Hat! Comment here if the Sensei says the same thing, or says something different! Look at the Picture Closely… So What the Sensei Said? He said, “Ahh, The Beta Hat. The most Ancient of all hats. I RARELY WEAR MINE. “ Isn’t that awesome? What do you think of this? Comment Here! I think this is So Awesome! Thanks Ninjaneal for giving me this Awesome Pic!

~Oreo Summit, Club Penguin Hood Cheats Vice President.

Release of the New Game, Card-Jitsu Fire Arrival Cheats!

Hey Guys! Oreo Summit Posting!

Card Jitsu Fire has Arrived today and it is awesome! Some People Really dont like it! I think its awesome.

Here is what it is like!

The Sensei will talk to you about Card Jitsu Fire as an Introduction like the beginning of Card Jitsu!

Then, the Sensei will give you your Very Own Starter Deck!

Then, you will be able to Play Card Jitsu Fire!

Once you Learn how to Play Card Jitsu Fire, you can play with up to 4 People!

If you win, a message will pop up! If you lose, a different message will come up!

However, if you get down to 0, you automatically lose the game!

I will have a Card Jitsu Fire Guide Coming soon! It will be a page, and when its done, I’ll make a post for it!

~Oreo Summit, Club Penguin Hood Cheats Vice President

REAL Accurate Club Penguin Sensei Tracker – Where is Sensei & How to Find Sensei Tips And Cheats!

Hey There Penguins,

I Did’nt belive Sensei had made it to Club Penguin, till i met him in the ninja hideout just then, he has a new uniform and i’ve got the sensei tracker up and ready!

Sensei’s Current Status: Offline  (click here to refresh).

Last seen in Server: Blizzard (click here to refresh).

Last seen in Room: Fire Dojo (click here to refresh).

Also use the official Club Penguin Hood chat to find Sensei, Chat with 100’s of penguin’s at once!

If It Stops Tracking It Means Sensei Is Offline!

Sensei Hints

Sensei Tracking Cheats – How to find Sensei and Where is Sensei on Club Penguin Cheats and Tips :

1. The Sensei tracker is updated very quickly, and tons of times each day. Click here to refresh the tracker every few seconds.

2. Check out the comment tracker. You can find it on the home page or you can click here.

3. The Sensei only is found in the Ninja Hideout Or Fire Dojo. Don’t check other rooms, because he won’t be there.

4. Sensei goes on crowded servers such as Blizzard, Mammoth, and Frozen during the most popular hours of each day for Club Penguin. Each time he logs in he spends from 15 to 20 minutes on each server. You need to find him fast!

5. Sensei is always wearing large brownrice hat, and has a gray beard and eyebrows. He usually will have blue Card-Jitsu cards with him And He has a maroon top with flames for the fire dojo on him. You can learn a new ninja move when you find the ninja on Club Penguin.

6. The Sensei always has crowds around him on Club Penguin. If you can’t see him, check the users in room list. His name will be there and there will be a different icon next to it.

7. The Sensei is always online when Club Penguin announces his arrival.

8. Sensei will always be moving around, make sure to keep and eye on him to know hes next stop is

9. Ask Lil Maney On A Comment As Soon As Possible.

10. Use my Sensei tracker, and with a small period of time you will be able to find Sensei. Keep refreshing and checking back for news.

Bonus Tip: Follow me on Twitter for updates. I will post on Twitter faster than anywhere else. You can follow me on Twitter here.

Here is how Sensei Look’s like at the momment And Here is how Sensei’s backround look’s like on Lil Maney:

This is the most accurate Sensei Tracker On The Web, This tracker is updated automatically from bot’s on the web, The Club Penguin Hood Team, And Lil Maney Him Self!

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President

Club Penguin Fire Dojo Almost Complete!

Hey There Penguins,

WOOT! Yay!! The Club Penguin dojo is almost finished, pretty much everything has been added but just abit need more upgrade, dont worry on November 24th we can start playing the new card jitsu fire game! =D Check Them Out:

Awesome huh? Where’s Sensei? LOL! Maybe there will be a new sensei for the Card Jitsu Fire! I dont know yet but ill keep you updated. Anyway what do you think of this upgrade, pretty well decorated, Thanks Bodjac! Sorry that’s it only for “Member Ninjas”. I so cant wait for Card Jitsu Fire Game, Can you?

-Lil Maney Club Penguin Hood Cheats President

New Better Igloos & New Igloo Upgrades Catalog and New Hot Chocolate Pin Cheats!

Hey Guys! Oreo Summit Posting!

The New Cheats Were Delayed on Club Penguin so We Were not able to Update Until Now! We are one of the first cheats sites to post it!

First is The New Better Igloo Catalog!

On the First Page there is

  1. Coat Rack- Click The Seat of the Modern Chair.

2. Shoe Rack- Click the Wood in the Fish Tank

3. Wood Stove- Click the Right, Front Leg of the Table

Page 2:

1. Fireplace- Click the Example Snow Tower

2. Icicles- Middle Point on the Snow Fortress.

Next, is the New Pin. It is Located at the Coffee Shop

This is what it will look like on your Playercard!

Now for the New Igloo Upgrades Catalog!

There is a new Igloo in there today for winter!

and there are a few igloos returning and they are:

  • The Gingerbread House
  • The Snow globe

There will be More cheats Coming Very Soon!

~Oreo Summit, Club Penguin Hood Cheats Vice President